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Were you around when elephants were alive?

One day, you may be taking your grandkids to a natural history museum. As you pass through the extinct animal wing, don’t be surprised when you hear that question.

Earth’s next major extinction has begun — and guess who’s partly to blame? 

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our world defined by terrorism. each point is an incident, 1970-present. data from the global terrorism database.

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Tomohiro Inaba - 夜のふれかた. Steel Wire, 1800x300x1000 (2011)

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All works currently on view at The Hole Gallery through August 23rd. 

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Yusuke Sakai


1. Reticulatad Giraffe

2. Hippopotamus

3. Bactrian Camel

4. Emu

5. Asiatic Black Bears

6. African Elephant

7. Japanese Deer

8. Goat

9. Zebra

10. White Rhinoceros


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These painterly works are actually photographs, created by Mark Lovejoy who first mixes printing inks on a press before photographing the results.

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The wonderful and dreamlike underwater world. Photographer and scientific diver Alexander Semenov takes beautiful underwater images (via BuzzFeed)

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